Guidelines for Parents




      1. Keep   in touch with the school faculty who are mentoring the students.

      2. Provide them with a conductive / tension free environment at home to study.

      3. Watch their diet

      4. Have dinner together as children find support in their family through their dinner sessions.  

      5. Surprise check on the child if he/she is studying overnight.

      6. Let your child know that you are with them and appreciate them for their unique achievements.

      7. Motivate your child from time to time.

      8. Get involved with the child for his/her emotional balance.

      9. Keep a check on the behavior of the child

      10.Try using humor to beat the negative thoughts.

     11.Always have a positive approach towards your child.

     12.Keep a check on internet usage.

     13. Keep in touch with tutors, coaching institutes, if any.

      1. Don’t keep the TV volume high.

      2. Don’t discuss a bad paper.

      3. Don’t nag your child.

      4. Don’t plan entertainment outside during exams.

      5. Avoid negative talks in front of the child.

      6. Don’t make them realize all the time how much money you are spending on them

      7. Don’t compare your child with other children.

      8.Avoid giving them automobiles.

      9. Don’t give them electronic gadgets for long duration.