Our Motto


Pre- Primary and Primary: Little acorns grow into great oaks. The first step is the hardest. The distance doesn’t matter. The Nursery Section is the beginning of a new epoch  in the life of each tiny tot. It is the success of this early period of our tiny tots that will determine the truth of the maxim “Well begun is half done”.

Secondary:  As doors open, the present moment enlarges, and the nestling emerges into a bigger world. The impact of the sudden shift is lessoned by combining the curriculum with art, craft, music and computers and various other activities.

Senior Secondary: The teenager is owed the greatest respect. As he/she prepares to embark  on the road to adulthood,  he realizes that he has the right not only to be right but also to be wrong.


The students are grouped into four houses: GANDHI, NEHRU, PATEL and SHASTRI.  Each student learns to be loyal to his/her house as they work hard to take their house to the victory stand in various inter – house activities.

The prefect and his office, the doer and the duty seldom fit so exactly that we may say they are almost made for each other.It is all about to learn, to fit and to belong.


The school inculcates in the students values of compassion, piety, reverence, honesty, truthfulness, sympathy, self- sacrifice, unity, brotherhood, courage and equality. We teach our students respect for all religions.